Wrap it Well - Poets Theater

Event :
Wrap it Well - Poets Theater
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
18th September 2012
Venue :
Art Centre
Description :

دوزنة | لفّ القصيدة جيدًا

Wrap it Well - Poets Theater


Poetry is the moderate costume, their way of singing as if a simple wish is feeling the light, and suddenly emerges from the voice of its recital.. Poetry is an expression of our internal expressions that converts words into wheat, prophets and new homes. From Bahrain to the Atlantic, the poems of Bahrainis and Moroccans wrap their poems with sighs and chats, and leave a small space for little songs in which their poems sleep, suggesting a beautiful tune to rearrange their chaos, and couple their voices with the lungs of poetry.

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