'The Missing Premises in Arab Cultural Development' Talk by Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim

Event :
'The Missing Premises in Arab Cultural Development' Talk by Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
7th July 2012
Venue :
Bahrain National Museum
Description :

This distinguished Arab thinker continues to discuss and review realms which are otherwise regarded as contentious, and in presenting his views in the Capital of Arab Culture's focus on literature during July, Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim, the Secretary General of the Arab Thought Foundation, encourages his audience to think about cultural development in the Arab World. The public talk is scheduled to take place on 7th July at the Bahrain National Museum.

He is expected to review the Arab cultural experience in addition to variations in the Arab intellectual's thought. Known for his open critical appraisals of Arab cultural development, Dr Soliman will examine the challenges and opportunities open to the path of Arab intellect.

About Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim

The Secretary General of the Arab Thought Forum, Dr Soliman Abdel Moneim obtained his PhD in Social Sciences from Grenoble University, France. Throughout his long career, he has occupied a number of illustrious positions ranging from the academic as a Professor of Law in both the University of Alexandria and Beirut Arab University to acting as the Executive Director of the Centre for Legal Studies and Research in Alexandria University and an appointment as the President of the Legislative Committee of the National Council for Human Rights in Egypt. An international expert and consultant to the social development programme of the United Nations, he has authored over 20 different works in both Arabic and French. Similarly, his contributions in the international media have been notable and he has written hundreds of studies and articles in diverse fields including political thought, culture, human rights, language and identity and social reform in the Arab world. Amongst his most important creative works have been a series of short stories entitled, Four Forgotten Papers and the well-known novel, The First Chapter from Delirium.

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