The Dolls of Japan Exhibition

Event :
The Dolls of Japan Exhibition
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
10th February 2013 to 2nd March 2013
Venue :
The National Museum Hall 1
Description :

يسر وزارة الثقافة بمملكة البحرين
بالتعاون مع سفارة اليابان بالبحرين ومؤسسة اليابان دعوتكم لحضور افتتاح

معرض دّمى اليابان: أشكال من الطقوس. وتجسيد للحب

وذلك يوم الأحد 10 فبراير 2013 الساعة 7 مساءً
بمتحف البحرين الوطني

In collaboration with the Japan Foundation, The Japanese Embassy and the Ministry of Culture, "The Dolls of Japan" introduces Japan's representative dolls. In Japan, dolls have been a part of everyday life since ancient times. Japanese dolls reflect the customs of Japan and the aspirations of its people, possess distinctive regional attributes, and over the centuries have developed in many diverse forms. Dolls also provide a showcase for traditional Japanese craft products, such as textiles. We hope that the dolls in this exhibition will help visitors to appreciate these various aspects of Japanese culture.

The Japan Foundation engages in international cultural exchange activities in cooperation with over 130 countries around the world, focusing on three major program areas-the Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese-Language Education Overseas, and Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange. In order to enhance the understanding of Japanese arts and culture through the visual arts, the Foundation collaborates with overseas museums on a wide range of exhibitions from traditional to contemporary arts. The Foundation also organizes traveling exhibits of paintings, ceramics, crafts, prints, and photographs that make their way around the world.

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