Shakespeare 4 Kidz, THE TEMPEST IN BAHRAIN

Event :
Shakespeare 4 Kidz, THE TEMPEST IN BAHRAIN
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
26th January 2013 to 28th January 2013
Venue :
Culture Hall, next to Bahrain National Museum
Description :


The shows in Bahrain are at the Culture Hall, next to Bahrain National Museum, on January 26 at 5pm; and there are matinee shows on January 27 & 28 at 8.45am & 11.15am.

As well as being a unique family show, S4K's The Tempest is also ideal preparation for students studying Shakespeare at any level and will ensure that everyone in the audience will have a complete grasp of the plot, themes, characters and relationships within the play, allowing further study of the play from a solid knowledge base.

The Tempest is thought by many scholars to be the last play entirely written by Shakespeare.

Prospero, the former Duke of Milan, has been overthrown by his wicked brother and, after a shipwreck, ended up with his beautiful daughter Miranda on an enchanted Mediterranean island.

Prospero is also a sorcerer and has spent his time on the island perfecting his magical arts.

Eventually it is pay-back time and he gets the chance to wreak revenge on his brother.

He conjures up a powerful tempest, which shipwrecks his enemies and lands them on the shores of the island, but it is a magical place and love is in the air.

Shakespeare 4 Kidz musical version of The Tempest introduces its audiences to a brave new world, where they will find 'such stuff as dreams are made on'.

Meet Prospero, Miranda, Ariel the spirit, Caliban the deformed slave, Trinculo and crazy jester and a whole lot more colourful characters when 20 professional actors fly out to perform in Bahrain.

Tickets cost BD16 for adults and BD14 for children and are being sold at Al Osra supermarket in Saar and Havajava cafŽ inside Manazel. There are also special school offers for a limited period for the matinee shows on January 27 and January 28.

Call 39616858 or 39607489 for more information.

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