Seminar entitled ‘Issues Surrounding Arab Thought and its Challenges

Event :
Seminar entitled ‘Issues Surrounding Arab Thought and its Challenges
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
18th July 2012
Venue :
Bahrain National Museum
Description :

Issues Surrounding Arab Thought and its Challenges:
Trends in Arab thought examined in a public seminar

The Ministry of Culture has organised another forum for public discussion in which trends in Arab thought and contemporary intellectual debate are to be addressed by speakers and participants alike. Entitled 'Issues Surrounding Arab Thought and its Challenges, the seminar will take place on 18th July at the Bahrain National Museum.

In accordance with the seminar's mission, three Arab intellectuals have been invited to speak. From Bahrain, Dr Mohammed Jaber Ansari, will present a paper about cultural openness - 'Bahrain: an open port for life and thought.' On the other hand, Dr Hashim Saleh will review the Arab condition from the standpoint of migrants in addition to the cultural scene in the Levant. His paper, 'From Damascus to Paris: the impact of French lights on my composition and intellect,' represents the self-reflection of an Arab thinker in Western lands. Dr Zahida Darwiche, the Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, Beirut will also discuss the role of women in Arab intellectual thought and society within the realms of modern-day globalisation.

Dr Mohammed Jaber Ansari
An Arab political thinker and writer, Dr Ansari was born in 1939. He obtained his PhD in Contemporary Islamic Philosophy from the American University in addition to a wide range of educational qualifications from esteemed educational establishments including Cambridge University. He has also held a number of leading public positions including holding membership in the State Council in addition to his position as the Cultural and Scientific Advisor to HM King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. The author of a range of articles about regional politics and culture published in journals and newspapers, his recognised works include 'Glimpses from the Arabian Gulf, 1970' in addition to 'Were they Giants?' and 'Cultural Exchange between the Maghreb and Mashreq.'

Dr Hachem Saleh
The Syrian thinker and writer, Dr Saleh first came to fame as a result of his distinguished translations, one of the most significant being the works of Mohammed Arkoun, which he successfully introduced to Arab readers. The most prominent of his translations of Arkoun's work include books on Islamic Thought such as: Critique and Prophecy - Where is the contemporary Islamic thinking? - Issues on the Critique of the Religious Mind - Fundamental Thinking and the Impossibility of founding a fundament. He has also written several articles on philosophers of European enlightenment versus fundamentalism which were serialised in the international Arabic daily, Asharq Al Awsat newspaper.

Dr Zahida Darwiche
The professor of French Literature at the Lebanese University in Tripoli, Lebanon, Dr Darwiche specialises in Arab and French literature movements and analysis. Currently the Secretary General of the Lebanese National Commission for UNESCO, Beirut, she established the Lebanese Society for the Development of a Culture of Dialogue in 2006.

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