Rethinking Museum Display

Event :
Rethinking Museum Display
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
12th December 2013 to 15th December 2013
Venue :
Bahrain National Museum
Description :

The Bahrain National Museum is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It was the first modern museum in the region and is housed in a truly awe-inspiring,landmark building by Danish architects Krohn and Hartvig Rasmussen.
The conference will look into various international and regional projects of museum and gallery redevelopment, which will inform and feed into the necessary redevelopment of the permanent exhibition galleries of the Bahrain National Museum. In particular the specific sessions aim to explore new ways of object display, innovative exhibition design, creative use of space and the use of multimedia and new technology to improve the interpretation of the collection and to enhance visitor engagement and participation.

The current redevelopment of the Bahrain National Museum also needs to be seen in the context of the current radical transformation of the museums and heritage scene in the Gulf with grand-scale museum developments and new heritage sites opening one after the other. They all support the grand vision of the ‘Arab Cities of the Future', however the impact is yet to be determined.

The conference will gather local, regional and international museum professionals to celebrate this anniversary together and to discuss innovative approaches and best practice in developing and implementing new permanent exhibition displays in the Gulf, and to share creative methods of good exhibition management practice.

Bahrain Museum Conference Programme

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