Perfume workshop

Event :
Perfume workshop
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
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Date :
13th October 2012 to 21st October 2012
Venue :
Bahrain National Museum
Description :

This workshop, in its second session, will show how perfumery was born in the Middle East, then inspired western countries, to finally come back and survive in the Byzantin Empire at the time perfumery was not a priority. In the meantime, perfumery evolved through extraction improvements and scientific discoveries to come back stronger, and again inspired western countries.

The workshop will investigate how the Middle East played a crucial role in trade and was coveted by many for its perfumery resources. We will cover a period of history going from the Egyptian Empire (3150 BC) to the Muslim Empire's fall (1099 AD). Sessions of the workshop will inspire participants to formulate their own perfume oil, which will be a combination of selected ingredients cooked in order to extract the perfumed molecules which in turn is used as a fragrance.

Class 1:
13 & 20 October 2012
4:30 to 6:30 p.m

Class 2:
14 & 21 October 2012
6:00 to 8:00 p.m

To take part in this workshop, please register by emailing us on

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