Perfume Workshop

Event :
Perfume Workshop
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
7th July 2012 to 15th July 2012
Venue :
Bahrain National Museum
Description :

Devised by French perfumer and pharmacist currently working as a consultant in cosmetics and perfumery, Valerie Lovisa, Perfume Design examines the perfume heritage of Arabia and reflects on both the scientific creation process as well as personal tastes and interests.

Divided into two emphases, the perfume design workshop will be split into a theoretical component and a practical component. The theoretical class will allow participants to have an understanding of the art of perfume design through interactive discussions and smelling sessions.

As it focuses on fragrance composition, this class provides an important introduction to the practical class (perfume formulation) which follows as participants will be able to define the scents which attract them.

The second class in this custom-designed workshop will introduce participants to 32 raw materials from which individual perfumes will be developed. By the end of the workshop, participants will have manufactured different perfume samples and will leave with a 30ml sample of their own perfume.

Perfume Heritage (Theory and Practical):

With the ultimate objective of formulating a traditional perfume oil, participants will be introduced to the Arabian heritage of perfume formulation in the theoretical component of the workshop. Participants will compare the raw materials of ancient times with those of today's world. By sampling local scents, participants will be able to define the scents which they are drawn to, enabling them to select the raw materials required for the blending of oils in the related second class.

The practical component of the workshop, which follows in a second class, allows participants to formulate and manufacture a small quantity of perfume from 32 raw materials.

The dates for the workshop are available in two sessions which will allow you to choose whether you would like to attend on Saturdays or Sundays according to your schedules. We are not sure of the venue yet but it will most likely be in the National Museum.

Saturdays: July 7th and July 14th from 4:30- 6:00

Sundays: July 8th and July 15th from 6:00- 7:30

The first class will be the Theoretical Class where you will learn what it takes to develop perfume. The second class will be practical and will allow you to blend and compose perfume based off of your work from the theoretical.

Your teacher Valerie has been cc'd in case you have any questions for her.
You will need to bring a workbook and pen with you to class.

Please specify which day (either Sat or Sun) or session you would like to come in an email CONFIMATION back to to hold your registration.

If you are not able to come to BOTH of the classes during your session you will not be allowed to attend the course. Space is limited so please be respectful of others opportunities and ONLY confirm to coming if you are truly committed.

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