Man VS Machine Event

Event :
Man VS Machine Event
Date :
10th August 2017
Venue :
Mashq Art Space
Description :

Bahrain is moving in the right direction of technology and advancement; still, there is much work that's needed to make certain things fully automated without the laggy, slow human interaction. Humans are better for other difficult tasks that require a significant degree of creativity which machines may take a while to get acquainted. 

The future of technology is bright, but it has to be done safely, and with proper study, that is because the vast and fast integration of machines, automation and technology might render some jobs useless.

This is why this subject has an ethical leg to it, and for this reason, the BahrainiReaders initiative is arranging a session with one of its members  'Ameen Al Tajer' to discuss the various aspects of this crucial "Man Vs Machine" debate.   Ameen Al Tajer is the managing director of InfiniteWare, a company that provides software and hardware products and services to several clients across the globe, InfiniteWare has been working with large clients such as Saudi Aramco, VIVA and the government of Bahrain. Has been in the software business for more than 15 years, Ameen used to work in R&D in both Saudi Aramco and in Oblong Industries (US), his experience spans multiple technical disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), security and penetration testing, 3D programming and simulation, hardware design and programming.

Ameen is also the founder of Bahrain Game Developers (BGD), which is the local game development community in Bahrain that has been established back in late 2012. BGD is the hub that provides a platform for local game developers to share ideas and showcase their work globally, he is also a frequent speaker at major world game development conferences such as World Game Expo (WGE) and MENA Game Conference (MEGA). 

You are all invited to attend the next BahrainiReaders event "Man VS Machine" on the 10th of August, Thursday (starting 8 pm) at Mashq Art Space, Budayia. Please note that the session will be delivered in Arabic.