Macadi Nahhas

Event :
Macadi Nahhas
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
14th October 2014
Venue :
Cultural Hall near Bahrain National Museum
Description :

Time: 8:00pm

A champion of freedom and human dignity, Jordanian singer Macadi Nahhas occupies a unique status among singers in the Arab world with her blend of classical and traditional songs which revive the heritage of the golden era of Arab music. Hailing from Madaba, a city famous for its gardens and water springs, her political and intellectual home environment helped her hone her talent and cultivated her artistic choices from a very young age.
A graduate of the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, Nahhas was heavily influenced by the Rahbani School of music. Like her hero, legendary singer Fairuz, she is blessed with a distinguished supple voice and commanding stage presence, and a frequent performer in cultural events and national celebrations in Arab and foreign countries.
Perhaps her most renowned music production is perhaps the Iraqi folklore album titled "Kan Ya Makan" in 2004, for which critics praised her as one of the best non-Iraqis who ever sang in the Iraqi dialect. Her latest album is a reflection of our daily lives, and serves as an affirmation of the essential role Arab youth play in building nations and reviving the deep-rooted Arab culture. Macadi composed some of the tunes while the rest were conceived by other talented Arab musicians.

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