Little India In Bahrain

Event :
Little India In Bahrain
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
19th December 2015
Venue :
Al Hadrami Ave Near the Hindu Temple and Bab Al Bahrain in Manama
Description :

Little India in Bahrain where the Indian community's contribution to the History of Bahrain is documented and the relationship between the two countries is highlighted! This project will give back to the Indian community while being an attraction site to locals and cultural tourists. Don't miss the project's festive launch with a taste of India through songs, dance, food and crafts!

The"Little India in Bahrain" project celebrates and documents the contribution of the Indian community to the history and progress of Bahrain, with almost 4000 years of history shared between the two countries. Our vision is to beautify and showcase one of the richest of the historical areas in Bahrain, the Indian Part of Souk Manama, via this project.
Little India in Bahrain is tantamount to Bahrain's Cultural Tourism (and part of one of the "Seven Experiences" of the Island) and will feature a prominent project for the year 2015 marked by the slogan "Our Year of Heritage" and 2016 "Bahrain, Your Destination". The project will give back to the Indian community while promoting the area to tourists and locals through a series of site-specific interventions along Al Hadrami and Al Muatasim Avenues. We will see a large influx of tourists coming to Bahrain as a destination in the forthcoming years and Manama Souk and surrounding Little India area will flourish.
The Project includes restoration and renovation works of some exterior buildings mainly located in Al Hamradi Avenue and Al Muatasim Avenue as well as the creation of a small public space in this area.
The public space will offer also the possibility of a place for gatherings, relaxation and even trade (food, markets, events, and Bollywood films).
This project will give an account of the arrival of the first Indians into the Kingdom of Bahrain, the role they played in its growth, and their continuing influence here. The Indian community has contributed to Bahrain's economy, its infrastructure, as well as its social and cultural history. There will be a way for the interviews carried out with members of the Indian Community to be presented (either audio/visual or visual) as the transmission of Oral history and preservation of this type of intangible cultural heritage is very important to the BACA. Vintage photographs of the area will bring to life vital aspects of this historic account. This project will celebrate the great history and the enduring fruitful relationship between Bahrainis and Indians and show the continued commitment to strengthening these precious ties. It will also bring to light the plurality that Bahrain chooses to celebrate in the Kingdom.

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