Lena Chamamyan

Event :
Lena Chamamyan
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
29th April 2016
Venue :
National Theatre
Description :

Time: 7:30pm

Syrian-Armenian singer Lena Chamamyan is a musical trailblazer who was able to demonstrate the abilities of eastern women everywhere to live their passion and achieve their goals as fully independent artists. Her unique style blends traditional styles of eastern songs from the Arab world and Armenia with western classics, and merging traditional eastern instruments and
harmonies with their western counterparts, all without compromising the music's innate spirit and sense of improvisation, especially on stage.
This style is embodied in her first two albums, Hal Asmar El-Lon and Shamat, in which Lena collected traditional folkloric songs from the Levant and re-mixed them. She shows off her full range of musical skill in her third album Ghazal El-Banat to become one of the few eastern women who write, produce, play instruments, and sing.
Over her illustrious career, Lena lent her voice to a number of TV serials and dramatic works in Syria and abroad, and participated in a large number of prestigious Arab and international musical festivals. She also actively contributes to many cultural endeavors, such as the initiative to catalogue Syrian music and the TV programme Douzana.
In recognition of her notable contributions, Lena was awarded the Cultural Resource Award in Egypt in 2006 to produce her debut album, the Radio MonteCarlo Middle East Award in 2006 as well. In 2008, Austrian media gave her afive-star rating as a world music singer, and was selected by Arabian Business magazine as one of the 500 Most Influential People in the Arab World in 2011.Through her music, Lena revives folkloric songs - especially Syrian ones - with modern styles and arrangements, creating a link between oriental classic music and contemporary world music.
Lately, Lena is working on several projects (oriental and occidental) with each of the composer Gِksel Baktagir and the pianist André Manoukian including a variety of languages: Arabic, Armemian, Syriac, French and English. Add to this international projects, Lena promises the Bahraini audience a special artwork that may be an authentic emotional travel. The performance will be ensured in collaboration with Bahraini musicians.

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