Korean Festival in Bahrain

Event :
Korean Festival in Bahrain
Date :
10th November 2017
Venue :
City Centre
Description :

Hosted by Korea Foundation, Embassy of Republic of Korea, and Bahrain Authority for Culture & Antiquities.

Embassy of the republic of Kroea is going to hold 'B-boy performance' on 10th, November.

It will be held in main galleria of City Centre on 7PM
Jinjo crew are the top class b-boy team in the world.

Also there will be opening performance by Bahrain dance crew, Red Ant Army.


Jinjo Crew is a leading Korean b-boy group that has won numerous titles in international contests. The group is thus far the only one to achieve sweeping victory in five major world b-boy contests (as of 2012), the first time that a b-boy grand slam has been achieved in 40 years of b-boy history.
In addition, in 2014, the group won the ministerial prize from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the 2014 Korea Hiphop Award and serves as honorary ambassador of Bucheon city. Jinjo Crew is also an honorary ambassador for the prevention of child abuse.
Through the successful hosting of the 2016 BBIC (Bucheon B-boy International Championship), Jinjo Crew has proven its planning and operational capacities. By developing street dances and complex contents in various genres, it has contributed to the popularization and development of the street dance genre.


1. korea traditional show (15mintues)
1-1. The Korean People
A performance that shows the significance of characterizing the Korean people as the "white-clothed people," derived from the long history of revering white clothes. Emphasis on the color white through a performance allows the general public to feel the spirit of the Korean people.

1-2. Wandering
The song "Wandering" by Lee Kyung-seop, a great composer of Korean traditional music, has been restructured into an exiting performance with the unique color of Jinjo Crew.

1-3. Mask
A storytelling performance that showcases humor and satire by b-boys wearing traditional Korean masks.

1-4. Tah
This performance won first-place in R16 Korea (one of the five major b-boy/urban arts contests in the world), it was the first time which was awarded for traditional Korean music as the champion. The team won first place in the performance category for three consecutive years.

2. Loof station showcase (5mintues)
New type of beatbox performance using the "roof station".

3. K-pop B-BOY (4mintues)
Famous Korea Music(K-pop) With B-Boy Showcase.

4. Teach me show case (5mintues)
Pop Music with B-Boy Showcase

5. beat box (5minutes)
A performance by Korea's best beat boxer, JCOP. Exciting K-pop tunes and pop music classics are performed solely by sounds made from the mouth.

6.K-pop B-BOY 2 (5mintues)
Famous Korea Music(K-pop) With B-Boy Showcase 2.

7.Beat box + BBOY (7mintues)
A b-boy performance is accompanied by beatboxing. Includes viewer participation.

8.Invaders (5mintues)
A performance which won the 2010 world championship and received the praise of the director of Cirque du Soleil. Major parts are composed of perfectly-synchronized group dance and the brilliant movements of Jinjo Crew. The highlight of the performance is the jacket segment.

9.with you (15mitutes)
audience participate program with Jinjo Crew.

10. the Bounce Breakin (5mintues)
Most dynamic Bboy showcase with the infamous Jinjo Crew jacket routine.

11. Freestyle (8minutes)
Performance with individual artist solos.

12.Curtain call (2mintues)
Final ending performance.

13.Photo Time (10mintues)
Time to make memories with performers and the audience together.

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