In a virtual world

Event :
In a virtual world
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
17th September 2012 to 19th September 2012
Venue :
University of Bahrain - Media Facilities Center
Description :

In a virtual world with Dr. Amani Al Halwaji
تنصيص | في عالم مُفتَرض (د.أماني الحلواجي)


Truth is a diverse commodity, at once made and at others upheld as a constant. Converting social platforms and blogs into spaces for events in which voices and hands converge. Dr. Amani Al Halwaji deciphers the codes of electronic media in her workshop for us to understand what we missed, where many aspects of electronic media features and flows are discussed, filling the gaps with ideal solutions accompanied by a group of youth who are interested in the electronic media techniques and social blogs.

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