Gulf Executive Leaders Support Forum (GLS Forum)

Event :
Gulf Executive Leaders Support Forum (GLS Forum)
Date :
6th November 2018 to 8th November 2018
Venue :
Gulf Convention Center, Gulf Hotel Bahrain
Description :

Gulf Executive Leaders Support Forum (GLS Forum), in cooperation with Bahrain Secretary Association, brings together experts and specialist in the field of administration to exchange their expertise, experiences, views, and opinions in the latest and important topics about administrative technology, body language, etiquette and other areas. In addition, the event is set to engage the participants in key topics that are related to technology, IT office management and digital media.

This year’s forum will surely give delegates the edge they need to be the stand out in the office management and administrative field, this event aims to instill important administrative skills to its delegates in line with the fast-paced age of technology.

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