Elias al Rahbani - Kan Ezzaman wa Kan

Event :
Elias al Rahbani - Kan Ezzaman wa Kan
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
6th November 2014
Venue :
Bahrain National Theatre
Description :

Time: 8:00 pm

The "Kan Ezzaman wa Kan" concert is a musical synopsis of the renowned Lebanese maestro Elias Rahbani's remarkable repertoire which spans over 5 decades. The concert includes enduring hits from the rich Rahbani catalogue, written and composed especially for the iconic diva Fairuz. Performing these hits on stage will be a 55-person orchestra comprised of distinguished musicians and vocalists, led by Elias Rahbani himself, and including vocalists Bassaima, Gilbert Jalkh and Ranya El Hag. Accompanying them is another famous member of the illustrious Rahbani family legacy, Ghassan Rahbani, who will be on the piano and conduct a classical piece he composed entitled "Magic Symphonic Moods". In this concert, which marks the 2nd anniversary of the inauguration of the Bahrain National Theatre, we are guests in the world of maestro Elias Rahbani, and conjure up beautiful memories through the spirit of art, and soar together with its notes as if on a beautiful endless dream.

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