EBRU: Timeless Reflection of Tradition

Event :
EBRU: Timeless Reflection of Tradition
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
29th November 2015 to 3rd December 2015
Venue :
Art Center
Description :

One of the most unique and beautiful forms of Turkish art is Ebru, or water marbling. The actual word "Ebru" in Turkish means marbling and is a form of art that uses paper decoration formed by drawing designs with dye on top of water, and then carefully placing paper on the surface of the water in order to absorb the dye.
Ebru art, spread from the East to the West by way of Silk Road and other trade routes. The basic technique, throughout all its historical variations, has never changed. The process is always the same: paints are made to float on the surface of water where they are manipulated into designs and then transferred to a sheet of paper.

SUNA SELMA KOÇAL.was born in 1968 Remscheid/Germany. In 2001, she took his first lesson in Ebru art from Hikmet Barutçugil in Turkey. After, she continued to improve her skills and create her own style alongside developing her traditional techniques. Now, she continues to teach and offer workshops in Ebru art in traditional styles under the Ministry of Culture in Yalova since 2010 and in "Mutlu Çocuk Akademisi" since 2011. Her productions were published in fifteen art books like the "Istanbul Miniatures".
Marbling Art was inscribed as Turkey's 12th cultural specialty in UNESCO annual Intergovernmental meeting of Intangible Cultural Heritage and KOÇAL contributed by actively participating in this endeavor.

The Exhibition Collaboration with Turkish Embassy & Turkish Cultural and Social Society in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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