Creative writing workshop led by famed novelist, Najwa Barakat

Event :
Creative writing workshop led by famed novelist, Najwa Barakat
Organizer :
BH Culture Authority
Date :
8th July 2012 to 17th July 2012
Venue :
Bahrain National Museum
Description :

Najwa Barakat prepares novelists of the future in a professional workshop in Manama

The celebrated Lebanese writer and novelist, Najwa Barakat, joins emerging talents in Bahrain this summer in a specially tailored workshop, taking place under the auspices of the month of literature, part of the year-long commitment to multicultural exchange and learning to which the Ministry of Culture has applied itself. This creative workshop, an extension of her longterm literary initiative - Mohtaraf how to write a novel - for literature, theatre and cinema - is scheduled to take place between 8th and 17th July in Manama.

Open to all Bahrainis of all ages, particular attention will be paid to creative writers with literary initiatives for discussion. This important workshop will seek to liberate creative spirits and develop writing skills for serious contributions to the Arab cultural and intellectual scenes. Throughout the intensive 10-day workshop, the most significant creative writers will be reviewed and selected for a second phased workshop, which should take place in 2013 during the programme of Manama, the Capital of Arab Tourism.

Interested parties should write to before 5th July with a summary (no longer than 5 pages of A4) of their literary interests and project. Select work should also be included. Candidates will be chosen to attend the workshop and take part in a longer creative output in the following year's complementary programme.

Najwa Barakat
A Lebanese writer and established novelist, she was born in 1966. After completing a fine arts degree in the Lebanese University, she migrated to France in 1985. There, she studied at the Cinema Institute and worked as a freelance journalist for a number of Arabic newspapers and magazines. Building on her creative talent, she produced several cultural programmes for Radio France Internationale as well as the BBC. Similarly, she produced a number of episodes for the cultural programme, 'Maw'id Fe Al-Mihjar,' for the international news channel, Al Jazeera. Writing in both Arabic and French, some of her most famed books are Al-Muhawwel, The Life and Passion of Hamad and The Bus of Good People - which received the Prize for the Best Literary Creation of the Year by the Lebanese Cultural Forum in 1997. Her French novel, La locataire du Pot de fer, was made into a play and won the first prize at the Amateur Theatre Festival in Amiens, France. In 2003, she was chosen by the Goethe Institute to represent Lebanese writers in an international project - MIDAD.

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