Business Boosters Now

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Business Boosters Now
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5th May 2018 to 10th May 2018
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For Business owners and leaders who seek to drive breakout growth.

Learn state-of-the-art innovation tools through our 7 engaging Business Boosters, while you innovate key components of your own business or project
• Reinvigorate a lagging core
• Defend against industry disruption or decline
• Innovate a compelling new customer value proposition
• Validate your operating model and implement it through powerful management methods, brand and experiences.

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Day 1: Innovation Mindset
Innovation has become one of the most popular buzz words of the Digital Age. This workshop provides a fresh, practical understanding of innovation based on design thinking, that will boost your confidence in your ability to revolutionize your business and boost your success.

Empathy and experimentation. Inspiration and ideation. Prototyping and testing. You'll put these new tools into practice right away with a real-world innovation challenge.
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Day 1: Business Modeling:
Do you have a great idea for a business, a product or a service, that you would like to brainstorm, or your current business model is loosing momentum? Using a revolutionary new technique, you structure the business model on one page and have the bones of a business plan that previously took 30 pages and months to write. Welcome to the Business Model Canvas, a deceptively powerful business-model planning tool designed by academics Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.
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Day 2: Business Innovation
Join our unique INNOVATHONE! 4 cycles Innovation marathon, where you learn more than 50 business model patterns that are disrupting the business world today and use them to innovate your own business model.
The most dramatic results can happen when ideas are combined. By connecting ideas together, creative leaps can be made, producing some of history's biggest breakthroughs." ~ Kirby Ferguson
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Day 3: Prototyping & Testing:
When making big decisions about your business you cannot afford to rush to full implementation. Performing "live" experiments with your ideas or company can be risky and expensive.

During this full day workshop, you will learn prototyping and testing the feasibility, viability and desirability of your alternative business models.

Rapid Prototyping and testing helps you to experiment with alternative business models before you put them into action. You need to insure that your hypothesizes about your business are true and tested in the real world.
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Day 4: Brand Culture Innovation:
The most powerful business model may fail to deliver on it's value proposition if it doesn't create the right cultural attributes that can motivate teams to create that value and customers to share it.

Create a powerful brand for your business that is based on sound positioning strategy, values and persona attributes that are true to your proposition and attractive to your employees and customers alike. Brands can be powerful propositions of identity, which unite people behind common cultural values and goals. Develop the methods to internalize your brand and create a lasting culture.

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Day 5: Management Innovation:
With the growing popularity of Design Thinking based tools for management, it's becoming necessary for every manager to know about design. You can't grow a business without it.

Join this one day of fun, creativity and learning and practice new hardcore innovative management methods and tools, such as Value Chain Analysis, Visioning, Customer Co-creation, Process Story-boarding and more.

Day 6: Experience Innovation:
strive to understand experience as an ongoing commitment, and to think holistically across the varied journeys their people-customers, partners and employees-have with their brands. Often, they must assess hundreds of touchpoints within a given area of experience.

Join us on this 1 day journey through visual tools, that will help you discover and understand your customers, assess all the touchpoints that add up to their brand experience and understand gaps, white spaces and areas for improvement throughout their journey.

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