AbdulRasool Al-Ghayeb Art Exhibition

Event :
AbdulRasool Al-Ghayeb Art Exhibition
Date :
12th November 2017 to 30th November 2017
Venue :
Hend Gallery, Muharraq (Google Map: www.alghayb.com/map)
Description :

Patronage: H.H. Shaikha Hala Bint Mohamed Al-Khalifa

Artist: AbdulRasool Al-Ghayeb

Category: Art

Exhibition Name: Expressing and Modelling in Sculpture

Opening: Sunday, 12th November at 7 PM

Exhibition Period: 12th November 2017- 30th November 2017

Location: Hend Gallery, Muharraq

Google Maps: www.alghayb.com/map

Instagram: @rasool_alghayb

Admission:  Free Entry


About the Event:

Under the Patronage of H.H Shaikha Hala Bint Mohamed Al-Khalifa, the Director of Culture and Arts, the Bahraini artist AbdulRasool Al-Ghayeb holds his second special art exhibition under the title "Expressing and Modelling in Sculpture" which will be held in Hend Gallery in Muharraq. 
AbdulRasool Al-Ghayeb is one of the leading sculptors in the Kingdom of Bahrain, he's currently holding the post of the president of Bahrain's Society of Potters, he has many participations in national and international art exhibitions including China Changchun International Symposium, the first and sixth Cairo Biennale, The Modern Art Exhibition in China, the Arabic Writing Art Exhibition in Kuwait, in addition to exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Information in Bahrain, and Bahrain's International Marble Sculpture Symposium.
In addition to that, AbdulRasool participated as a member of the judging committee in the ninth Omani Arts Society exhibition and a member of the committee of writing "The Teacher's Guide Book" in Bahrain.
AbdulRasool Al-Ghayeb has art pieces exhibited in many countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Changchun Fine Art University in China, and a 2-meter high bronze sculpture the International Sculpture Garden in Changchun, China.